The Back Catalogue: Audio and Video links to album cuts are in bold type

Fosterchild: Fosterchild

Side One:  Magic is in the Air I Need Somebody Tonight   Christine  Until We Meet Again  Dreams of You        Side Two: Are You Ready to Fly    Baby I Love You    Let Me Down Easy    Hero of the West     Think it all Over Again


Fosterchild: Troubled Child

Side One:   Behind the 8 Ball   Here Comes That Heartache    It's Too Late Now   Troubled Child    Cuts Like a Razor    Side Two:   Wish for a Miracle    Reckless Driver    By the Fire    Hot Days, Hot Nights    All Time Dreamer

Fosterchild: On The Prowl

Side One:  Hideaway   Is That Girl Still in Town   Lonely Tonight   Don't Play the Black Queen  Loverboy  Side Two: On The Prowl   Amelia  Helpless  I'm Ready   Wake Up Soon


Jim Foster: Power Lines

Dancin' On the Powerlines    Saved By Night     Do It To Me    Maggie     Quicker Than the Eye   It's Up to You   X-Ray Eyes   You've Got My Number    Where Were You?


Jim Foster: Artist's Print

Nothin’ But Time     Crazy As It Seems    Another Close Shave   The Bride Wore Black   A Mind of it's Own   Still Runnin'  One Good Chance  C'mon Over