Side One


Is That Girl Still in Town

Lonely Tonight

Don't Play the Black Queen


Troubled Child


Artist's Print

Jim Foster

Power Lines

Jim Foster

Don’t Let em Bring You Down

A Sailor’s Advice

We Don’t Talk About That

It Does Take A little While

Ain’t Gonna Do Me

Hole In The Ocean

Ella On The Beach


Wasn’t That A Time

Don’t Worry ‘bout Bob

Surf Jam

6 Foot Ladder

When You Come Into The World

Maybe It’s Old Fashioned

Playin’ It Cool

That’s How It Is Around Here

Goin’ Down That Road

Violet’s Birds

Bonus Track- Radio On

Love Thing

Not In My Back Yard

Dark Times

Fifties Wreck

Well, Well, Well

Lone Bird

To Serve Your Pleasure

Smugglers Coast

My Honey Pie


Couple Old Dogs

Dealin’ With It

Mama Don’t Leave Me Here

Spaghetti West/High Gretsch Drifter

Side One

Behind the 8 Ball

Here Comes That Heartache

It's Too Late Now

Troubled Child

Cuts Like a Razor

Side Two

Wish for a Miracle

Reckless Driver

By the Fire

Hot Days, Hot Nights

All Time Dreamer

Side One

Magic is in the Air

I Need Somebody Tonight


Until We Meet Again

Dreams of You

Side Two

Are You Ready to Fly

Baby I Love You

Let Me Down Easy

Hero of the West

Think it all Over Again

Side Two

On The Prowl



I'm Ready

Wake Up Soon

On The Prowl


Nothin’ But Time

Crazy As It Seems

Another Close Shave

The Bride Wore Black

A Mind of it's Own

Still Runnin'

One Good Chance

C'mon Over

Dancin' On the Powerlines

Saved By Night

Do It To Me


Quicker Than the Eye

It's Up to You

X-Ray Eyes

You've Got My Number

Where Were You?

Lone Bird

Jim Foster

A Sailor’s Advice

Jim Foster

6 Foot Ladder

Jim Foster